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Guanajuato Mexico Travel Advisory With Photography / Colorful Pretty City

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Travel Advisory With Photos / Colorful Pretty City

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part. 8


Horse Riders

 icon-camera-retro Colorful Cityscape Adventure Guanajuato

The world heritage beautiful colorful city Guanajuato make people feel so good being there. Each houses are very colorful, and the whole cityscape is pretty and beautiful. Many ladies and girls felt in love with this city all the time for sure. This city can be the best city for some visitors of Mexico.

Buses / Mexico City To Guanajuato



icon-bookmark-o Mexico City → Guanajuato

  • The price: about 550 Pesos
  • The time: about 4 hours & half

You can go to Guanajuato from big central north bus terminal “Terminal Central Autobuses Del Norte” in Mexico City. There are many bus companies next each other at Autobuses Del Norte. Just take one of the companies to go to Guanajuato.

Depends on the companies, the quality of buses, prices and times are different. Some of the buses have toilets, wide space seats for each person, TVs, light food and snacks, and even free wifi. It’s all up to you.

Hotels information / Guanajuato, Mexico



It’s such a sightseeing city, there are many hotels between cheap one to exclusive one in Guanajuato. If you want to save your money, you can stay at dormitory type hostels. You will be use the room with some other travelers probably tho, to meet other travelers are interesting and good experience too. I booked a cheap but cool hostel on If you have the App on your phone, it will be helpful for your journey. 

Airbnb is one of the cheap options too. You can stay with local people with saving your money than using hotels.

Guanajuato Travel Sightseeing Reviews & Photographs
Townscape, Parade, Street Food, Market..! etc



Guanajuato,, the city looks always beautiful on Google images. I wondered how look like thorough my eyes in real…

From San Miguell De Allende, I took a bus which shook passengers much.
After I arrived in Guanajuato, soon I headed to cheap dormitory style hostel with heavy many belongings under the strong Mexican hot sun light.



It looks the whole city is colorful with warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red, pink and so on. There were many people on the street with noise of chatting and Reggaeton music from speakers at each shops.



It heavy temporary rained when just I arrived at the hostel luckily. I took some rest with laying down on my bed, closed my eyes for a while with listening the sounds of raining…

After 30 minutes or so, suddenly the raining was finished, and the sun re-started to show me the city brightly. “good”, I left my belongings at the hostel, and I started to wonder the city with my cameras.



Some people have already started to play their music outside. The changed a lot weather is normal for the local people, I could imagine that easily.

They know raining is just temporary happen, there are not exist raining eternally.


Stairs and Jazz

There was a guy playing Jazz alone on a street. Whole street were “Mexican” or “Guanajuato” colors in the city, but only on the street the color was totally “Jazz”.



He made the street Jazz just by his music.

Music is great, Music is magic. I gave him some tips as my application.

IMGP5621Santo Cafe

There is a cafe on with the bridge. It’s famous for tourists, and popular for the seats on the bridge. Actually people often need to book for the seats. It should be nice to have a coffee on the bridge for a little break.

Guanajuato / Parade Cowboys & Girls with Horses


Mexican Horse Rider

Suddenly a fun parade passed me on a street for some reasons..!

With a lot of noise of festival many horses, horse riders and people who costumed of many kinds of traditional cloths and some characters walking passing by me.



I don’t know the reason why for the parade, they just were passing like for cerebrations. Men, women, boys, girls,, all of them were looked having very fun with smiling.

I was just looking at them, taking photos of them to capture the fun moment.




Mexican Riders


Green Lady







Horse Hips


With Corona


Horse Riders


A Kid & Dad

At the parade, some of them gave people to ice candies, candies and snacks so on as free. It will be nice experiences to have them, but be careful for the risks. Some of the foods are not clean well and some people got stomachache..

I actually got ice candy, the taste was okay, but I got strong stomachache. (I didn’t know what I would need to go to hospital in next the place at the moment…haha)

Local Ethnic Huge Market / Mercado Hidalgo


Mercado Hidalgo

After watching the horse parade, I stepped into the local huge market, it’s called “Mercado Hidalgo”. The market is yes actually very big one, and there are a lot of kinds of foods, things and cloths with ethnic uniq smell and atmosphere.


Entrance Gate

The entrance is very big, so is easy to find.



In the inside is very lovely for travelers. I really love any local market, because the color of the culture is clear, and can see the local people part of lives. The smell, sight, people and atmosphere, everything made me feel being in different world.



Always the butchers display their meats like that photos so far. There are no plastic packages and fridges. There are just piles of meats with meats smell some bugs.


Yellow Chickens

It’s not clean as super markets’ meats, but I prefer the market style.

The reasons why are I can pay for the local people directly. I can see (easily imagine) how animals turn to be meats by the smells and appearances. I really did not care about the both, but step by step thorough my traveling my mind has changed.




Narrow Way


Making Tortillas




Frutes 2


Those restaurants made me hungry much, and I tried to eat some there. The cost is really cheap and much amount of taste good food.


Cooked Chickens



People taking slow for anything, chatting and smiling. It looks they know how to have fun and joy in their lives even they are still poor.


Guanajuato Monumento al Pipila
Night Beautiful Colorful View From Observatory


Night View

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