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Mummy Museum Guanajuato: Travel Journal With Terrifying Scary Photography

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Mummy Museum Guanajuato

Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part. 9


In A Line

 icon-exclamation-triangle You can leave if you are not good at mummies stuffs! There are a lot of mummies photographs in this article! (because it’s a report of the museum and mummies.)

For curious people who love mystery stuffs and ok for mummies might like to read it.

There is a very very uniq and mysterious museum in Guanajuato, Mexico. The all exhibitions are real mummies with good quality. (about 200 mummies in the museumWhy are there so many mummies? and for what? Who were they?… I will introduce and explain it with my many photographs and comments.

Directions To The Mummy Museum Guanajuato
MAP / Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato

IMG_5223 copy


There are 2 options to go the museum.

  1. Take bus from town to nearby the museum. → Much cheaper!
  2. Take Taxi or Uber → It more costs than bus, but very convenient & faster.

※If you want to walk, sure you can do that, but it is on a hill, so it will be bit hard for some people.

About the Museum and Mummies / Studies!
Why are there so many mummies? for what? and Who are they?.





The museum is called Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato in Spanish.

The cost will be 60 peso for 1 person for entry, and for photography fee of the mummies will be 23 peso. (2018/Feb)

In this Guanajuato area, the soil, temperature and weather are just perfectly great to make mummies naturally. (super dry!) The almost of people are christian here, and basically people bury dead bodies into ground. (not be burned) After they bury dead bodies, the bodies would turned to be mummies “naturally”. 

When people can not pay for the management fee of grave, the grave company dig up the mummies. The good conditions of mummies go to the museum as contributions. It’s a quite rare uniq interesting museum, so there are many visitors from around the world. These days, there is a possibility which the museum can be closed because of human rights issue. So maybe in the future it will be not exist, and only for now people can visit it.

Visiting Report With Terrifying Scary Photographs
Travel Photography Journal / Mummies Museum Guanajuato 



…In Mexico City, one day a guy who traveled around the world like for 3 times crazily told me about the mummy museum. Since I knew the uniq place I really wanted to visit it, and then I came to Guanajuato which has the museum.

I woke up by strong stomach ache in the morning,,, due to yesterday’s ice candy which I ate on a street as free. It was hard to even walk” also I felt having a fever too.


Black & White & Mummies

There were 2 of me arguing each other in my head. “You should have a rest, or probably go to a hospital.” / “No I came here finally I have to go, and today is the only day…” Then after for a while, the stomach ache was getting weaker I felt mysteriously. So I stepped out with a day-backpack and cameras.


Face Down

I didn’t know how to go to the museum well, so I just asked people on the street in English. The good thing was I encountered a group of great people (one of them could speak English), they stopped a bus for me and told the driver where I want to go.

We might think Mexico is very dangerous and scary, because of media. Well yeah that’s YES for part of it. However I realized many of the all local Mexican people are super kind, thoughtful and friendly. The media doesn’t tell us the everything all the times. It tells us limited things, or even maybe lies what they want to make us believe.



When I arrived the museum, I felt stronger sun light than where I picked bus up. I paid the entry fee and photography fee, and I entered into the building.

There were just a few people around. It was quiet and darker…



In inside, there are a lot of mummies in a line in a wide glass show cases…

The mummies are looks like dolls, even I felt “Are they real?”, and it’s bit hard to imagine what they were people and living just like us before they got being mummies.

IMGP5680Dreaming IMGP5703


I wondered, and took photos of them.

Sometimes some visitors passed me, but it was still quiet well.



I know for some people, this museum is scary and terrifying tho, for me it’s very interesting. They were human had lives, and now mummies as exhibitions because of this area’s religions, grave system, weather, soils, temperature and government. Just the every pieces are connected each other.


Many Of Them

Then suddenly I got stomach ache again for some reasons..!

The pain was strong enough to make my face like the mummies…



IMGP5685Big Guy IMGP5684

Some of them still are wearing their cloths and shoes.

Most of them still have their hair.



The mummies have each characters really. Some of them have skins, cloths, but the others’ bones and skulls are appeared clearly.











The Smallest Mummy In The World
Guanajuato Mexico


The Smallest Mummy

There is the smallest mummy in the world. He was not even born, but turned to be a mummy in his mother’s body. The mother has died when she was pregnant.

IMGP5713Baby & Mum Mummy

IMGP5712Mum Mummy IMGP5716

The Baby

IMGP5715Baby Mummies

The size is almost same as my hand opened. (about less then 20cm?)

IMGP5696Baby Mummy 1 IMGP5692Baby Mummy 2
IMGP5726Feet IMGP5725


There are some baby mummies too. They were just born, and dead. Then they got be mummies naturally, and be exhibitions.

It’s very interesting to see them curiously, and for scientists can learn a lot for their studies, but I couldn’t stop thinking about ethics view, morality and human rights…

The Colorful City Scape View In Guanajuato


Colorful Houses

I had been in the museum for about 40 minutes, and started to feel stomach-ache. When I stepped out to outside, the fresh air was blowing nicely.

The museum is stood on a hill, so I could see the colorful townscape.


Guanajuato Living

It’s nicer to be outside, yes.

The colorful beautiful sight made me heal a little bit.




Grave Dog 1

Just behind the colorful cityscape sight, there was a big grave under the strong sun-light. I wondered in inside for a while, and I was thinking “the dead bodies will be in the museum as one of the exhibitions maybe from this grave…”


Grave Dog 2

The museum made me think of culture, systems, governments, weather, ethics view, values, histories…etc. The everything is different depends on the countries, cities, towns, villages, homes and times. We are the same human, but are completely different. I still don’t know what is right and wrong about many things. I just want to keep traveling, and trying to find some answers by myself one day.

Thank you for reading!


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