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Grand Canyon / Great View Great Photos

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Great View Great Photos
Grand Canyon
Arizona / The USA

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 9


Navajo Point

 icon-picture-o Grand Canyon:

One of the most famous & popular places in the USA. The spectacular sight takes people’s breath away. People look down the great view from view points mysteriously. (it’s like suddenly we came to top of a high mountain) People feel the blue sky, the Earth, river, rocks, trees and themselves. Here is the only one uniq amazing place in all around the world. In this huge park, there are North side & South side for visiting. The South side has more points to see, so usually visitors come this side for sightseeing, and in North side there are not much places to see as South side has tho, there are not much people as South.

~ Finally we came here, Grand Canyon. It means also our Grand Circle Road Trip is getting be finished soon. We’ve been driven for super long distance from Salt Lake City. The way was not so easy. We have been getting many memories and some emotions through going around Grand Circle.

Navajo Point / Beautiful Sunset


Navajo Point Sunset

 icon-camera Navajo Point:

From this point, we can view beautiful sunset easily. The outstanding view make us be impressed deeply and stare the sight for a while. Nature is too majestic and great. Here is right as the name of this place “Grand Canyon”.

~ After Antelope Canyon, we came here as the first place of Grand Canyon. The sun was still lighting the ground. We were very tired, but the great view made us staring the sight.


Desert View Watchtower

At this view point, there is a remarkable tower “Desert View Watchtower”. It’s opened from 8 AM – 5 PM for 7 days in a week. You will be able to see the view higher from the top of it.

IMGP4412Hungry Deer

~ After parking, we’ve met a big beautiful deer nearby a bathroom. She did not care about people who was taking photos of her, she just did not stop to eat the grass. She was eating it and eating it constantly…

IMGP4409Rainbow Deer

~ When I edited the photo the rainbow was appeared at her body. At the moment, I did not have a strobe for photography, so I just set ISO higher and took photo of her. Sometimes it’s cooler without a strobe.


The View







~ The sun was going down. We still needed to have a place to sleep (a hostel or camp site) and get some food for dinner. There are many important things to do for surviving, but we kept seeing the sun set. Just like we forgot everything.

Secret Free Camp Area / Grand Canyon


Star Forest

~ In Grand Canyon National Park, any hostels and camp sites are expensive and very busy. We wanted to stay at some place for sleep nearby Grand Canyon, but we still could not find any place for 1 night stay even the sky is not bright any more. We gave up staying in the park, and were looking for a place to stay nearby the park…

We found a camp site about driving down to South 30 minutes away from Grand Canyon National Park. We talked with the lady at the reception tho, the cost of staying at the camp site was not acceptable for us. The only lucky thing was the lady was the coolest staff we’ve met. She told us there is a secret free camp site in some forest, and she pointed on my iPhone’s map… She said she had been there for 1 month and half by camping in the past… “hmm,,, ok we’re gonna go there.”



After taking 5 mins shower at the camp site (with paying a few US $), we tried to find the place into the forest as she mentioned us. We drove slower. As the road was getting darker step by step, our worry was getting bigger too… Then suddenly we found it!! we realized there are many tents with lights and people in the forest beside a narrow road. We parked at some spot, and set our tent very quickly. (we also realized how our setting tent skills has been grew up). We made some BBQ and small camp fire in the cold air. It’s always so good feeling to have warm food with staring fire outside in nature. Upon the sky, each thousand of stars were shining like I see a dream… Then I remembered Andrew who was my host father when I was in the forest of Alaska, he said “I’m happy when I’m with woods and trees”, and I agreed him. Even I’ve been many places and seen super amazing sights & views what I always remember is “people”… 

icon-map-marker Long Gym Loop

 icon-exclamation-triangle This is a real wildness 

There are no bathroom, shower, electricity and managers like a camp site has. Please, prepare everything you would need. But there are some fast-food shops just 5 minutes drive away.

~ Next morning, we saw some very big deers walking around our tent. Some of them was taking a sniff at someone’s tent. The person who was in the tent & the deer would be very surprised when he or she opened the zipper of entrance.

Yavapai Point / Great View Walking


To View

 icon-camera-retro Yavapai Point:

The central point to see around in Grand Canyon (South side), and it’s one of the easiest one to visit too. The view is outstanding, and somehow it’s familiar for some people (by media). The amazing “grand” sight is spread out there to horizon. Nearby the point, there are many camp sites, shops, cafes, bathrooms, a information center, a small museum and so on. Also from Yavapai Point, people can access to other many points by foot or shuttle bus easily. 


Yavapai Point 1

~ I knew that one day I will be here. Long time ago, when I was even not teen ager there was a big poster of “Yavapai Point” on the wall in my older brother’s room. When I stood out at the view point strong wind was blown and somehow made me bit emotional.

“The real is SO MUCH HUGER..!”


White, Red, and Yellow

~ The other point “Hopi Point” was our goal at the moment. We decided to try to walk there as long as we can tho, we got a free shuttle bus when we found one soon. 



~ It’s sunny and clear sky tho, for some reason the view (air?) is smoky. As far as, the things are more unclear to see. Is it because of dust? or what?


Great Trail

~ Wow, wow,, it was a long long trail down to the bottom. Some people were walking on the trail. The trail is sooo big, and the people were look like ants. Long time ago, this trail was used by miners… Imagine many miner people were walking and carrying their staff. 


Yavapai Point 2




Green River



~ As an information board, there is a nest of a California Condor on this huge rock (it’s named “Battleship”).  Hmmm,,, it’s hardly see it..!


California Condor 1

California Condor, they are endangered species the amount of them is very limited. Each of them is under management with numbering by people. 

~ Oh! Suddenly a big black bird was appeared! I could meet them luckily. 


California Condor 2

~ They fly with freedom. They did not move their wings, but move so quickly by reading wind.

After Words / Grand Canyon National Park



Grand Canyon, The view was great and “grand” for sure, also I could meet some wild animals. (deers, rabbits, squirrels and condors) Meeting natives are always good. However what I most remember was out of Grand Canyon National Park. It was the moment of camping with camp fire in the secret forest under the thousand of stars. It was hard to be in the coldness and darkness, but being in the wildness and eating warm food with seeing fire was the best gift for me. Also the atmosphere could make me remembered cool people I’ve met in the past…

We’ve left Grand Canyon National Park when it was still bright, and headed to new direction “Seligman” which is famous for Route 66. I was hoping to have some typical American food and coffee which are not so tasty for the fun memory.

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