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Gabriola Island Short Trip / Sunset Ocean & Wild Birds Photos

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Gabriola Island
Sunset Ocean View + Wild Beautiful Birds

 icon-anchor Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part. 2


A Man In The Blue

 icon-camera-retro  There Will Be Only Ocean & You

Gabriola Island is a small peaceful island that is part of Vancouver island. This island is not famous as “Salt Spring Island” tho, there are great ocean, forest trails, wild animals and people. If you like nature you will love this island.

icon-rocket You can access to Gabriola Island from Vancouver by Ferry or Airplane. It’s easy to access.

~ Me and my friend “Yu” took a ferry to visit my great friends “Kumiko & Sean” from Nanaimo to Gabriola island when the sunset was coming. We were excited to have the new explore experience and to meet the great people…


Hidden Nap

At Nanaimo ferry terminal, an otter was taking nap…

Sunset Ocean View / Berry Point


 icon-camera What You Will See Is Nature Colorful Art

If you go to Gabriola island, you should visit “Berry Point” at sunset time. The ocean sunset view is really beautiful… The great deep blue ocean, colorful sky and orange sunlight are all yours. When you stay there for while, you are going to feel the island is getting night step by step.

 icon-map-marker 1026-1036 Berry Point Rd, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X1 Canada

~ We got a great dinner(bison steaks) at “Kumiko & Sean’s” place, then headed to Berry Point Beach to see the epic sunset… Yes, it was really good. My friend “Yu” who has been working in Tokyo so hard like everyday said “Here is what I wanted to be…”, then he was speechless for some time. 


Yu 1

Anyone can be a super good photo object here! It’s cool to take photos of someone’s silhouette with sunset ocean. 

 ~ We started to photo shooting the ocean, and each other. Those photos would be good pictures that can remember us the memories and sight.


Yu 2




Kumiko & Yu 1


Kumiko & Yu 2

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Berry Point Beach You can see amazing ocean with sunset there. The color is like a magic, so beautiful. I was just staring the horizon for a while..

If you try to see the ocean carefully, you will find some sea animals such as sea lions, seals, otters, wheals and so on..!

Nature Art / Malaspina Galleries

IMGP4211 copy

 icon-camera-retro The Mysterious Uniq Curb Rocks

The mysterious uniq curb rocks is called “Galleries” by local people, this one was made by only wind & wave. It’s a very remarkable nature art.

Free to access. You can be there by walking, bike or car.

 icon-map-marker 75 Malaspina Dr, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X1 Canada

~ In the next early morning, I and “Yu” went to this place “Galleries” with having sleepy eyes. Each breathing chill fresh morning forest air made us waking up step by step… and when “we were arrived at the spot “Yu” said “Hey why? what’s this..?”.


Yu 3

 icon-info For More Info

The details to access

This place is called "Malaspina Galleries", and local people call this place "Gallery". There is a long roof like by rocks. The rocks are came the surface off e...ツ

Nature Photography / Gabriola Island


Moss Car

Some randomly photos of Gabriola island nature. It seems the green rich nature can call many wild birds into the island. This island is such a quiet peaceful place with great people, indeed.


The Moss


A Raven

Raven is a very smart bird, also a mysterious/holy bird for first nation people. The bird means metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation.

~ I remembered when I was in Alaska, I asked like “You hunt ravens too?” to a great hunter who hunt bear, moose and caribou, and then he said “No! No! No! that’s the holy bird!, Kota!!” .


A Duck Family

It was the season of new born generation for birds world. So tiny and many baby birds were trying to follow their mother. As the food chain, ducks are eaten by many predators, and just a few or one of them can be grown up as adult ducks. 


A Bird Dancer

He was having courtship dance to female one. He was opening the remarkable orange wings, and showing his love to her.


A Peacock

For some reason, there is a peacock in this island. Probably someone brought the bird as a pet, but he turned to be wild one. He was showing his big beautiful feathers to himself on the reflection of a window for a long time. I guess he spends most of his time to do “it”. 


A Cormorant Tree

At the shore, there are so many cormorants around the tree (more than 50 birds). The birds always get together and move as a group.  


Front Of Alpaca

There is an alpaca farm in this island, if you get close to the fence they will come to you and stare you.


Side Of Alpaca

~ We had a good time, had “tasted” well the each amazing moments… Thank you “Kumiko & Sean” for the everything. Thank you “Yu” for coming the trip with me.

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  icon-rocket Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part. 3 is coming soon..!

 icon-tags Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part. 1 is here!

The 2 places make your trip to Victoria epic. Great sight, wild seals and sooo good tasty burgers at the ocean side.

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Thank you very much.

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    These two days could be made into an overnight trip to Gabriola Island or two day trips from Nanaimo! If walking over, please refer to

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      Hi Eddie, thank you so much for your comment. I hope it will be helped your travel to Gabriola island one day!