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Malaspina Galleries in Gabriola Island BC Canada / One Of The Cool Things To Do

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Gabriola Island BC Canada
Malaspina Galleries

One Of The Cool Things To Do


Hello! 😀 One of the things to do in Gabriola island is to see “Malaspina Galleries”. The uniq rocks which are beside beautiful ocean exist mysteriously.

I moved to “Gabriola Island” from Vancouver about 1 week ago, so now I’ve been here for 1 week. I think I will be here for 1 month or so. This island is beautiful and cozy,, and it looks small one as I saw on a map, but actually it is bigger than I thought. It’s country side, so there are a lot of nature, animals, fresh vegetables, farmers, artists and good nice people. It is always good to stay at where nice people are around. I will make a few photo article about this island while I am here !

Gabriola Island

You can go this island by ferry from Nanaimo.

Ferry Official Website

Review + The Images Of Malaspina Galleries

Malaspina Galleries
This place is called “Malaspina Galleries”, and local people call this place “Gallery”.
There is a long roof like by rocks. The rocks are came the surface off easily, and this strange shape carve is created by nature wind.

IMGP4204 copy

IMGP4208 copy
IMGP4211 copy

Jump Off
Some local people jump from the top off into the ocean.
It was very scary and higher than I saw from the bottom,,,
but I tried to jump off too!! I felt the time that I was in the air long because of adrenaline, I guess. Please, be carful to do that alone!! If you jump off from wrong place, you will fall on hard rocks.

IMGP4585 copy
People swim here too. (even sometimes dogs swim too)
It’s so chill and quiet place.
It will be nice to have a refresh time here.

 Access Map / How To Be Get to Malaspina Galleries?

The entrance is small and narrow way, so it is bit not easy to recognize.
There is a small rock with saying “PUBRI ACCESS”.
If you find the way, keep going ahead to the place. If you walk ahead for 1 min, you will see ocean, and the Gallery is just nearby.
IMGP4229 copy
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『Malaspina Galleries in Gabriola Island BC Canada / One Of The Cool Things To Do』へのコメント

  1. 名前:Kristan 投稿日:2016/08/07(Sun) 21:03:50 ID:cc5875f44 Reply

    Yes the Galleries are amazing! Maybe we can jump off before you leave! And very nice website and blog!

    • 名前:KOTA 投稿日:2016/08/09(Tue) 19:15:42 ID:733bbff6f Reply

      Hey Kristan, thanx for your comment! sorry, I left the island now, so should be next time..!