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America Duluth to Canada Winnipeg Drive Road Trip Thorough A Thousands Of Lakes

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Duluth → Winnipeg


The sights on the way were outstanding, and priceless…

I took a rental car from Duluth early morning to head to Winnipeg thorough the thousands of lakes area in Manitoba, Canada. The cost of the rental car was very very very expensive for me, it was like $400 for a few days and spent much money for the gas. Too much money for me, indeed…

And I needed to drive for about 10 hours in a day. To drive in overseas was my first experience, opposite side of the roads, so many crazy drivers, raining, coldness, loneliness and too much money to spend for the hard driving. I was almost crying for the driving alone in the night. But there was no choice to do it for me, at the moment. I really wanted to do the driving thorough the thousands of lakes way.

“What do I want to do?”

“Why did I take this way?”

“Will I get something good thorough this experience?”

I was always asking to me those questions, and this time I was asking them so badly.

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 icon-road On The Way In America

 icon-tachometer On The Way In Canada

  On The Way In America

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Blue, White, Green and Red

At the rental car, I booked the car to pick-up on 12pm lunch time, but I needed to leave the place where I was staying so early, so I was arrived there on about 8 am. very chilly outside, almost nobody around there, but except one old lady stuff at the front. I asked her to pick-up earlier, and she was like “ok, but there is only red jeep left at this time,,, you booked a small Japanese car, but would you like to take it?” also she added that no extra money to get the jeep. Wow, I have never tried to drive jeep before, and I like the shape so much. So I said YES! and I started to step the accelerator to go forward. That move was smother than I expect.

Using Google GPS Map, first I headed to the border.

By the way, Google GPS Map is amazing! How great the technology! I just download the map into my iPhone when I had free wifi, and when it is no internet the map can tell me where I am, and the directions! Cool Google!


On the way in America, I was driving for a few hours. The sights were very new for me, rocky and mad nature walls, wide roads, opposite side drive,,,


I went to some park on the way, the parks were free to go, as see the things going on, and as break for me. Some small waterfalls were looks babies after I saw Niagara Falls very recently. haha


I could go to the close, and if I want to I could go to the under the water, I did not want to do it tho. haha


And the water is very strong brown like a mad water.



A bear’s house like.


One of the guys who made this park by their hands own. There were 200 men living and making the park, a bridge, houses here. The old past people are always really amazing, they did not have any good machines like we have now, so they needed to do all by their hands. In the winter, must be cold, in the summer must be hot, but they did the works. hmm,,,


After seeing around, I passed the border successfully without any trouble.

Oh I didn’t know that jeep cannot be opened the window! so I needed to opened the door to talk to the security guys. and I needed to use air conditioners for chill. :O

Anyway, now here I come back to Canada. 😀 felt bit different, not like “I coming back to home”, but something bit similar. Or maybe I just felt like “oh, it was a long way…”.

  On The Way In Canada


In Canada, it is interesting that the sights are changed to Canadian. haha I mean more greener like ?

The same things with America were, the roads were wide & so many crazy speed addicted drivers. Yes, the drivers are crazy in America & Canada, they drive like they do car racing like! They drive like “go away! get out! this is my way!”, and do not care about the speed by law for diving at all !! So dangerous, and stressful drivers,,, Most of Canadian people are gentle and kind, but for driving just crazy as hell that I felt. :0

When the lakes are appeared on the roads, my feeling better and brighter. Green leaves & Blue sky and lakes! so perfect combinations!




The Worst Moment

When it is darker, the night was coming, raining was started, and colder outside..

ALONE on the road, driving to a place that is still far away from the place where I was driving, so I still needed to drive bit more for drop-off the car in Winnipeg tomorrow. That was the worst moment for the driving. Dark + Cold + Tiredness made me so negative,,, almost crying. Just I got huge stress that I was trying to ignore, maybe. The money was big that I spent, but no earn. Driving in the dark cold night on the road where I have never been in overseas alone. Hungry, tired, sleepy, felt so much lonely…

After few hours later, I parked somewhere on the side of the road that had enough space to park for many cars. After I parked there, one big truck parked there too, just behind my car. The light was strong from the big truck, but the light was gone soon, it seems the driver was already sleeping in the car.

I started to eat my dinner that I bought at a super market. It was cold, and not so tasty, but mede me feel full. I did pee in the cold dark raining outside, and slept on the flat back seats in the car, using some thin blanket and parker.

Next Day

BUT in the early morning, I woke up because of the frozen tempter! I was like “hmm,,, cold,,, oh,, it is cold!” I put on my body cloths as much as I could, and it worked. haha

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