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Duluth USA Sightseeing Lake Walk & Crazy Night Greyhound Bus Experience!

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Duluth in the USA


To be in America, I needed to spend more money than Canada travel, so I decided to go up to North and going back to the land of Canada. And I also wanted to see the thousands of lakes area in Manitoba.

I just looked google map and pointed a place that is near from the border, and it was called “Duluth”. I’ve never heard before, I really don’t know about the city, but I just pointed it out and I feel like I wanted to go there. My plan for going back to Canada was like this, going to Duluth and stay there just for a few days for sightseeing little bit and have some rest, and going to “Thunder Bay, Canada” from Duluth thorough the huge “Lake Sperior” side road a rental car. The final destination is Winnipeg, so quiet long drive, also expensive to pay for it, BUT I still wanted to do it very much.

icon-truck Duluth → Thunder Bay → Winnipeg

For the plan, I came to Duluth, when I was making the plan in Milwaukee I did not expect at all about the crazy bad first day in Duluth… xP

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-road Crazy Night Bus

   Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

 icon-male Lake Walk

 icon-leaf Leif Erickson Park & Rose Garden

 icon-building Enger Park & Tower

  Crazy Night Bus

I took a night bus about 9pm from Milwaukee to Duluth, it was a so long ride and the craziest bus experience for my life…

When I got the bus, I realized that the people were looks very poor, like their cloths were dirty, too big as their bodies, the bags have some holes so were used sticky tape to hold it, got many tattoos on their bodies, and eyes are looks bit high like. The fist impression was, “oh,, is this bus fine?”. Also there was looks busy, so full, almost all the seats were not vacancy, so I just headed to the back seats to find some seats to take furtherer and more ,,, And I found some seats that I can take at the very back seats, around there are some guys and an old  lady too. And the bus has started to drive nicely and slowly.


Suddenly it was happened, one black guy who took a seat nearby me, started to sing loud alone. I was surprised, because I was almost fall asleep, and his singing was bit funny like a comedy TV show for the first time, but he was keeping singing and it was getting annoying for everybody. I think about 1 hour later or so, the other tall white guy who’s bag was a few big plastic bags was talking to the singing guy with using many “F” words… Then they stood up and started to fight each other. They are grappling with each other, and fell down to the floor for twice or three times. Me and some of the passengers were just watching it as crazy show like but had fear on the faces. Then one old lady just in front of me stood up with big sounds of stun gun from her hand, vocalized “stop it !” with using a lot “F” words too. wow, a strong lad,.

I was like, “What the hell is this happened here!? Is this real Smash Brothers Nintendo 64?”

After a few mins later, the bus has stopped, the crazy guys were took into dark outside on the road, and police officers came into the bus to check the bags for drugs or something in it or not. It was about 2 am. I was scared, but also bit excited to see the completely new sights that I had never seen.

It is better to take a seat front side in the night bus, anyway!


In the early morning, the bus has stopped the final distention “Duluth”, it was funny that the passengers were only 3 of them, the fighting crazy 2 guys and me. haha (yeah they came back into the bus after that, and were very quiet)

I stepped outside, and went to the downtown but something strange,,, no body there, all shops were closed. and I saw just a few looks very poor people were walking slowly. It was very hard to understand the situation in the city, just a few zombie like people were walking in the dark streets even in the morning because of cloudy weather…

At the time, what I felt strongly was, “I should not come here just because of pointed out the place on google map!” 

But I found one Starbucks that was opened, and I felt very relief when I got in there, because the inside is almost same as the other Starbucks and has free wifi. I was like “How great chain store is! in everywhere has almost the same quality! Thanx, Starbucks you saved my life!”


…Finally I knew it in the night, that the day was public holiday and almost everybody was out of the city. haha From the next day, it was nice to walk around there! haha

  icon-anchor Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center


I stayed at a place of one of a nice couch-surfing hosts. And next day, I had no choice to leave the place, so from early morning I went raining outside, and I stayed at a nice cafe in the whole morning to do some internet works & chilling. And in the afternoon, the rain was weaker, so I started to visit some places to see by my eyes.

And I went to the lake side, and came to the area is called “Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center”. First what I saw was the small pretty blue bridge.


And a red big vessel. Because of my previous job, I have experiences to go on board a lot, I did not go up, but people can go on board if they pay some money.


Aerial Lift Bridge

It’s a huge bridge, and it can be transformed for ships and vehicles. The bottom one can be going up for ships going through, and it going down for cars going through. very uniq.




looks too shallow to dive into it.


A seagull community.



The lake is like ocean.


Blue Bins


last night, there was rain



How To Get There?

  Lake Walk

I went to a place that is called “Lake Walk”. People can walk at the lake side way. There are some pretty sights excite. So much fun to find them more than find Pokemons by Pokemon GO. haha


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