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Drumheller Dinosaur Fossil Royal Tyrrell Museum / Short Trip

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Drumheller / Alberta
Dry air and good weather


I woke up in the car, at a park on the way to Drumheller, Alberta.

As always, I blushed my tooth by a cold tooth paste in the car. Bright sunlight made me ready to go to the next place that is very famous for dinosaurs stuffs. A huge amount of fossils have been found here so far, and still even now.

When my diving car was in Drumheller area, I saw many dinosaurs’ ornaments that were stood on the side of roads through out of the windows. Those guys were looks cheep, because of too fancy color skin, such as bright yellow, pink, green, blue and red.

I felt like I was in a cheap theme park, but the sights also made me excited to see & know the fossils, dinosaurs and something new. The different environment, desert like dry air and sandy bright brown ground made me feel like

“Let’s see what I’ve never seen before.”

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 icon-play Royal Tyrrell Museum

 icon-external-link-square Inside

 icon-external-link Outside

 icon-sun-o Horsethief Canyon

 icon-github-square Little Church

  Royal Tyrrell Museum



Travel Drumheller / Things to  do

Finally I was arrived at the first place where I was trying to be was “Royal Tyrrell Museum”. The reason why I came here was, I just asked google & trip-adviser, and they mentioned this place. I ate the first food at the parking area in the car, the bright sunlight was too strong to be under the light for more than 3 mins, but the wind was strong and brought cold dry air.


The fossil is called “Black Beauty”

The inside was comfy temperature, and some tourists people were walking and seeing the fossils and items slowly. I was the one of them, the huge cool bones made me walk slowly, and wow.



This was so cool, people could see how human clean the stones of fossils. It seems they take so much time to do it. Great slow and nice, to not break the fossil. How cool, but crazy job.


The Tools




It’s bit difficult to imagine that those big creatures were alive on the same planet as I am living, and walking around this area.

Our human’s science still cannot describe the real appearance, we used to believe that their looks were like “Jurassic Park”, but TODAY the scientists mention their appearance is like a chicken very fluffy.


Cool shape, great designed.


Very scary even those little guys, if they are alive and I encounter them.


To The Main Hall


Going back to long time ago.




The world before dinosaurs were born 


Sooooo long time ago fossils…!

The coolest of this thing is that I could touch & feel it. It was cold, solid, and smooth.

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