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Chicago sightseeing – Great Architectures Street Photos

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Chicago Great Architectures


I left NYC, and headed to next place to visit and stay was Chicago. I used Amtruck train this time, it was a long transportation’s time like 14hours? and transferred a few times in the night and early morning like 2am. Felt cold outside, dark, and lonely… NY was great, I’ve met great people who are now friends of mine. And I’m alone again now in the darkness. Hello and goodbye again, and again. Is Life the same way too? what I was thinking in the trains, and trying to sleep on the different each seats…

Midnight train to Chicago.. #train #night #chicago #america #backpacker #backpacking #backpack #photography #photographer #photo

The people will take a train, to the same station, but different purposes and directions. We are going to forward own ways, but just different ways. Families, couples, travelers like me, students and so on were having different dreams too in the moving night.

When it is morning, finally I was arrived at Chicago station.

Now I needed to go to the place to stay for a few days, so I took a other train, and moved with my backpacks again…

When I  was arrived at the station nearby the place to stay one guy who is my host for couch-surfing with his cute small dog were waiting for me. For the first time, I knew that he is definitely cool good guy, and his welcoming with smiling made me feel relief, and at the same time felt tiredness from the long ride.

And after arriving his place, I just took a nap like an old dog on his couch, at the time his friend was visiting his house, but I did not realize anything because of the deeply sleeping.. a few hours later, he drove me to the station for sightseeing, and he went to school. I think I was really tired, I just forgot to take my wallet, but I took grapes that I bought in NYC. haha So I was stuck in the town.

Keep traveling for a long term is absolutely tough, travelers have to be tough too. 

A few hours later, he picked me up from a road, and took & bought me a buffalo wings restaurant, and ate the warm tasty foods. It was very touchy,, his warm kind human nature helped me a lot. Thank you, Nestor!

Anyway, on the day, I did not go to downtown anymore, but next day I went to downtown with my camera, this the records of WHAT i C in Chicago.

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-camera-retro Street Photos

・The Loop

・Chicago River Side

・Millennium Park

・Broad Way

  Street Photos

The Loop


There are train rails like a circle and making looping, the area is called “The Loop”, it is also  downtown. It is fun to walk around there and see around. Feel like I was in a something film. Cars and cubs are running busy, many people who are wearing suits walking busy too. The sight told me that this city is such a business city..

And I realized that it is more clean than NYC, haha

And wider & more spread out the roads than NYC.






When I just went to somewhere narrow streets, the sights made me to take photos too. It’s something classic for some how.





And just the big streets are cool too, but still always busy.




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