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Chicago Night View – The Cool Places You Have To Visit

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Chicago Night Walk


In the night, the city was turned to other world, orange lights, dark streets, chill air, not so many people walking around. I always love the night city atmosphere, so many shops are closed, but bars are opened, different people are walking. This is my record of the classic city, Chicago’s night walking. 🙂

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 icon-glass Blues Bar

  Wrigley Field (Baseball Stadium)

 icon-building Downtown

 icon-cutlery Chicago Pizza

  icon-glass Blues Bar


Blues music is very popular music here, in Chicago. If you like the music, you will like this city too. There are many blues bars that you can watch and listen to the blues gigs. I like blues music too, so I headed to some of the bars. (I like to listen to music of John Mayer, Jimmy Hendrix, SRV,,, and more!)

I went to one of the Blues bar that is called “House Of Blues”, when it has the happy hour. The drinks were shown almost half place, cheaper is always good for travelers. (maybe not only for travelers). There was no charge for seat until 9:00 PM.

There was one great Blues singer on the stage.

Very classic, good voice and guitar sounds that made the local beer more tasty for some how.


I was hungry, but could not pay more. So I just drunk one local beer.

AND I knew it that my drink was not cheaper for happy hours one when I pay it. It is tricky that the happy hour costs are only for seats of bars (there is a bar counter seats), and people have to take seats at the counter. Of course, I did not know about it and took a seat nearby the stage. Big sad happen, oh. x(

I should make sure of the costs before I take it. (it was a good study tho)


The Blues Brothers at the entrance.


It was a good experience, and now I can say what I went to Blues bar in Chicago. haha
How To Get There?

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  Wrigley Field (Baseball Stadium)


I am not big fun of baseballs but my friend Justin who comes from Philadelphia and loved baseball games took me into the famous baseball stadium “Wrigley Field”. I felt it would be a great new experience for my life, and I should go there.

It was about 30 mins far away by trains from downtown.

He explained me about the place well. This stadium is the 2nd oldest baseball stadium of MLB, so very historical & classic one. Also it is the home grand of team “Chicago Cubs”.


We bought the ticket at the nearby station from a guy who sells them cheaper, and it was $20… It was expensive for me, but as experience I felt I should get it now. I was very worried about my backpack that I left at a store nearby the station, because it has some important things for living & traveling, AND the guy in charge treated my backpack like a rubbish bag… I was like ..oh… should I keep it with me? or should I leave other place,,, ah whatever, no time anymore, if something is happen it would be just happen.


When we entered the stadium, I almost forgot about my backpack, because in inside was totally different world.


At the stairs with sunset made me a great expectation.



Wow so many people! Heat for cheering! and huge space.

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