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Brackendale, Squamish, BC / Bald Eagles Watching Photos and Map

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 icon-camera-retro Overview – Eagles Watching! in Brackendale, Squamish, BC, Canada


There is a great cool place that so many bald eagles are gathered in BC, Canada. They come there for hunting a lot of salmons that are gathered for spawning. If you are lucky you will see a tree that has lot of eagles are on branches like a christmas tree. Maybe some big beautiful eagles will come close to you.

Bald Eagle Watching Information! (seasons, how to go, map)


Eagle Watching Seasons (Brackendale, Squamish, BC)

・The best season is in November ~ January.

・In January is the peak to be able to watch eagles.

How To Be There? (Brackendale, Squamish, BC)

From Vancouver, there are some tours but they are usually expensive like over $100.

My recommendation is take a “Rental Car” or “Greyhound Bus”. It will be much cheaper and more free time. 

Rental Car

 icon-play Freedom, Can go to more places

You can share the cost with your friends, and can have so much freedom. There are some places to see in Squamish (not only eagles!), so if you feel like enough to watch eagles, you can go to somewhere by your driving as you want.

Greyhound Bus

 icon-play Cheap, No need to have driving license

You can be there very cheaply and easily. From Vancouver, the cost would be $20 for go & back. 10 ~ 15 mins walk away from North Garibaldi station (in Brackendale, Squamish) to”Eagle View Point”. (I took a greyhound bus)

Watching Point (Eagle Run Point) Map


There is a volunteer stuff to let people show eagles by their good telescope at the Eagle Watching Point (Eagle Run Point) only on weekends. Also they can explain you eagle’s life ecology.

Lunch Restaurant & Cafe

icon-coffee There is a popular cafe (restaurant) at the riverside just nearby the view point. Often people go there to take a break, coffee, or lunch.

My Bald Eagle Watching Day With Artistic Photo

 icon-play It was very cold! Please be prepare your winter cloth & boots.

I headed there by Greyhound Bus from Vancouver in the morning (AM 7:30), was arrived at the terminal North Garibaldi, Brackendale, Squamish at about AM 9:00.

When I came to “Eagle Run Point” by foot from the bus terminal,

Suddenly one big bald eagle was flying over my head!


The wildness of bald eagle wings are 2m! So big and definitely made me exited!

And he put on a branch over the riverside next his friend.

They were far away, but I could see them…


For a long time, they did not move from the tree at all (maybe for 1 hour)..!

Salmon Swamping In The River


Bald eagles are gathered this place for hunting salmons.

A lot of salmons are gathered here for spawning.


I could not see salmons on the day, but even no eagles, no salmons, the sight was great one.


Other Birds (Bird Watching)


There are a many kinds of birds come to this place, actually.

For some reason, there are so many seagulls flying in the blue sky much more than bald eagles. It seems all of the seagulls that live in BC were trying to be some place together.



A seagull vs a crow


A crow was flying in a big group of seagull, and one of the seagulls was trying to kick him out. But the crow was not giving up to be in the group until I could see them by my eyes in the sky.


I am wondering that why the crow wanted to fly with seagulls even one of the seagulls tried to kick him out again and again.

Maybe he was trying to attack a seagull to hunt..? Or maybe he was just playing with them, or he was too lonely being alone to fly..?

I am wondering that he is still keeping flying with the seagulls or not.


I found a cute hairy duck in the river.


Also I saw a different color eagle flying in the much higher in the sky.

It was darker and more brown.

Bald Eagles Photography

Around at 12:00, it was the peak time to see eagles in the day.

The other bald eagles came to much closer to us, human.





The voice was loud, strong & beautiful.


The other one came to the same tree!


Once they are stopped on a branch, they hardly will leave from there soon.

I was watching them eagerly to observe their movement and to remember the moment.


After for a while, he flied into sky again.

Thank you for being close to us!


I went back to around the greyhound bus terminal place at about 15:00 by foot again to take a bus that will leave at 17:00. There is Tim-Hortons Cafe just nearby the terminal, so I got a hot coffee and took a break there until get the bus.

So good take hot coffee after being in cold air for a long time..!

I think I’ve met about 10 eagles on the day, and a few of them came to very close to me. It was very cold being outside, but absolutely a great day and an awesome experience!


P.S. I’ve met a small lion too.

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    I’m not sure why the crow flew closer to the seagulls, but I can surely say that crows live in groups, they need to socialize (just like human beings) and they’re protective with their territory and also I can tell you about a strange fact that I witnessed , a pigeon was attacked up in the sky and crows flew and tried to save it or chase away the predator.