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Arches National Park, Utah, America / Mysterious Arched Huge Rocks

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Mysterious Arched Huge Rocks
Arches National Park
Utah, America

 icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 2

IMGP3745The View From The Arch 1

 icon-camera Wow! & Why!? Mysterious Huge Arched Rocks

This is the report of visiting “Archer National Park, Utah, America with photos, maps and information. There are so many “huge” arched rocks mysteriously. Many people come to see the uniq sight from around the world all the time. For photographers, you cannot stop taking photos anywhere in the national park.

 icon-map-marker : Arches National Park, Utah, America

~ On the next day of having adventure in Horseshoe Canyon Unit, I and Kosuke headed to the new adventure “Arched National Park”. It was 1 hour far away from where we had stayed in, so we were happy that we did not need to drive such a long time as always. America is too big to move to anywhere! Dude!

Park Avenue Trailhead / Uniq Shape Art Rocks World


Dead Wood

Arches National Park can be accessed by cars or tour bus. After paying for entry at the gate, you gonna up the rocky hill by your vehicle. You don’t need to walk for the long way! The first spot to visit is “Park Avenue Trailhead”. You can walk in the area. You don’t have to walk all the trail, but you should go and see little bit into the trail. The sight is really uniq and beautiful.

~ We didn’t realize that we were in the long line for the gate when we were trying to go some shops to buy some food. We wanted to get some food before going into the park, but we have already at the point where we cannot go back. What we can do was only going ahead, so we went up the hill.


Park Avenue Trailhead Trail

~ Blue sky and red rocks… The shape of all rocks are something very artistic, mystery and,,, huge. It looks nature rock museum.


Park Avenue Trailhead Statues


Spread Rock


Massive Rock

Balanced Rock / Miracle Balance


Balanced Rock 1

It’s called “Balanced Rock” as you can see the rock is taking a good balance. It looks almost fail soon, but it’s stable for a long time mysteriously. You can park your car at the parking area nearby, and walk around the rocks. It should take 20 minutes for walking around.

~ The rock looks an egg like, and is on the other base rock. How come? It’s like a giant put the egg rock on it… I only can guess and imagine something fantasy one. 


Balanced Rock 2

The other balanced one. For some reason, there are some balanced rocks at the same area (like someone made it? if so, who did it? and what for?). 

Double Arch / Huge Rock Arches


Double Arch 1

It’s very uniq and interesting spot as you can see the photos. People go through into the big double arch. The massive rocks have been keeping impressed people. It’s better to have good (likely hiking) shoes here.


~ When I saw double rock, I could not understand the reason why the mysterious rocks are excited in this world. Does everyone who visited here feel the same as me? They must have a lot of questions, not only me… well I should stop asking.


~ As we’ve been traveling in “Yellowstone National Park”. American national park is super crazy, spectacular and too much “mysterious”. They tell people the world is so huge as they even cannot imagine really how big & wide the Earth is.


The View From Double Arch 2

~ This is the view from the arch. The view is also amazing, and I’ve already able to see the point where I will visit next tho, it is far away from this arch.


Double Arch Roof 1

~ When I gazed up, the rock bridge was above on me, and kept me being away from the strong sunlight. I took a rest under the shade for a while with watching the view and people.


Double Arch Roof 2

Windows Section / Great Rock Arch Windows


South Window

This is the spot “Window Section” that you can see from “Double Arch”. They are nearby as this national park, you even can visit both by your feet. Don’t forget to bring your water. It should be bit long walk in the hot weather.


Rock Gate

There is “South Window” and “North Window”, you can see both in the trail. 


Rock Bridge


North Window

It looks big eyes!


Rock Eye

Some people climbing, standing and taking selfie at the hall. It should be cool photos, but it looks pretty dangerous to do it.


Behind The North Window

Delicate Arch / The Monument Of Arches


Delicate Arch 1

This is the most popular spot to visit in “Arches National Park”. The remarkable monument arch rock is stood at the end of the trail (5km go & back). The mystery cool sight make you feel be satisfied after the long hot trail. It’s a great place to take photo as your adventure memory for sure. You need to have a good (likely hiking) shoes for the trail, the almost all way is “rock” hiking.


On The Way To Delicate Arch 1

It’s a trail (rock hiking) for 5 km go & back. For not athlete people this is a tough trail. Be prepared good shoes, water and a cap. The great mystery arch “Double Arch” is waiting for you.

~ dude,,, I didn’t know that we need to walk on the long hard trail! (It’s not hard for athlete people) I still remember that I and Kosuke were laughing and talking about stupid things when we were heading to the goal, but we were speechless when we were going back. haha


First Nation Rock Art

On the trail, there is the rock art by first nation people (American Indian). Some animals with people were drew on the rock ages ago. It’s good to see deeply..


On The Trail

You will see the great sight on the trail. There are many mystery rocks in the rock adventure. 

~ There were 2 girls on the trail with us almost all the time. I don’t know what they were thinking but we were like chasing to the goal. I wanted to stop the chasing but also did not lose. oh no, don’t walk faster than us!


Delicate Arch 2

~ We are finally arrived! Also we won the chasing! Yay! We were so sweat. took a seat on the rock field with drinking water. hmm,,, we made it..!


Delicate Arch 3

~ There was a long line for taking photo under the rock. We took some photos too, then “Unbelievably” I saw 2 Japanese girls (absolutely speaking Japanese) who wear beach sandals! DUDE they came to this point thorough the hard rock hiking trail by the freaking sandals! Crazy skills! I kinda respect them!

When we came back to our car, we were tired and sweat as you can imagine, but we need to move to the next city “Cotez” that is nearby next visit point “Mesa Verde National Park” for tomorrow. “The time is limited…” the simple thing made us keep stepping the accelerator. When we were arrived at a motel “White Eagle” which we booked when we had wi-fi before there were no stuff. Yes of course, it was almost 10 PM. I called to the stuff in front of the reception, and got a room luckily, then slept so soon like a puppy does. 

“Road traveling in The USA is hard..!” we started to think about that.

 icon-rocket For More Info: Archer National Park / By Trip Advisor

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