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Alaska! Fairbanks – Museum UFA & Starvation Gulch Bonfire 2016

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Fairbanks, Alaska! Adventure! Frozen Air!


By Alaskan Airline


It was 2 AM, I stepped out from an airplane, and I came to Fairbanks, ALASKA. When I was in the terminal, the super cool couch-surfing host, Nen was there with smiling & saying “Welcome~ to Alaska~”

The air was frozen outside. I mean really frozen. My lungs knew the shape coldness when I took deep breath, and woke me up. The windows of buildings and cars were frozen with frost cover.

It was very weak one, but there was a northern lights in the sky like a cloud. I felt this place “welcome” to me.

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 icon-sun-o Next Day / Alaskan Husky Farm

 icon-linux Museum / University Of Alaska Fairbanks / Michio Hoshino

 icon-user Starvation Gulch Bonfire 2016 in Alaska

  Next Day / Alaskan Husky Farm


Fairbanks Book Shop & Cafe

There is a farm “Sunny Spruce Farm” that I have contacted since before I started to have the road trip, and I asked the farmer to let me stay for a while as WWOOFER if I made to come to Alaska. The host Nen gave a lift to the farm, and we tried to be the place in the forest.

Because the google map did not work well for the place, it was very difficult to find it… When we were arrived there, the owner Tracyann and her dogs, kids and the other WWOOFER were welcomed us. The farm was bit smaller than I imagined, but it seems they are very nice, cute animals and a lot of nature.

She accepted me to stay here in next week.

The next place was SETTLED !

Got a place to stay,,, what made me relief for traveling until to be there.

  Museum / University Of Alaska Fairbanks / Michio Hoshino


At The Front

There are 2 places that I wanted to go, one is Denali National Park, and the other one is museum university of Alaska Fairbanks.

After visiting the farm, Nen dropped me off at the museum.

Alaskan Animals


The museum is a small one as a museum, but so many things to learn about Alaska.





I’m very interested in Eskimo’s life style that so much different from mine. They live in -40 degree frozen dark world, hunt animals, and eat the row meat without cooking for getting vitamins.

How strong people,,, If there is a chance to live with them, I would like to try it for a while.





Eskimo people hunt the biggest animal wheals by some boats with using spears. Much smaller animals human hunt the huge animal in the ocean, sounds crazy and dangerous. But that is traditional life style from long time ago, and they can get a lot of meat that the whole village people would not stave for a while.


Also they use all the parts of wheal’s body.  Meat is for eating, the fat is for oil, and the born & tooth are for art. Nothing waste. 



Alaska is such a fossils place too, there are still many fossils under the ground.



Also the coldness keep the dead bodies as mummy in good conditions.


This bull was exterminated long time ago, and it was found from ice ground as mummy. It’s cool that there are still so many something mummies somewhere in Alaska what people never seen before.

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