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Alaskan WWOOF USA Wildlife / Self-Sufficiency Work In Great Weather

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  Wild Alaskan Life Style


I have started to have wild life at a farm “Sunny Spruce Farm” that is in an Alaskan forest with the awesome family Andrew, Tracyann, 2 their cute kids Owen & Parker and many animals. So much nature, different life style and cool strong people made me feel that the Earth let me alive by other creature’s lives.

The people get almost everything by themselves.

Foods are from wild and garden, water is from springs, electricity is from sunlight, heat is from fire…

“Itadakimasu”, I did not expect how heavy THE word is.

Itadakimasu = we Japanese people say it before we eat foods. It means “I’m gonna get it” as the most polite way, and in the behind there are respect and appreciations to the food(animals, plants, fish) and people who are related the food.

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  Alaska Work For Stay Alive / Cutting Trees & Woods

  Alaskan Wild Food / To Eat

  Alaskan Wild life Water / for drinking, shower, laundry

  Alaska Work For Stay Alive / Cutting Trees & Woods

 For heat

The people are super cool, kind, and STRONG.

They live in nature in the hard weather with great coldness & darkness.

They taught me, and share me their life style and works… Almost everything is made by their selves, and everything was wow for me who born & raised in Tokyo, Japan.IMGP0931

On the other days, For Getting Woods For Fire (= for heat for their house and cooking) I and Andrew went to a nearby river by a car with a boat for 20 mins drive. And for 15 mins sailing by the boat at the river.


Andrew cuts only dead trees down, cut them as peaces, and I bring the heavy woods to the boats again & again & again.


It’s so much heavy works, but there are 3 positive things.

  1. Good for muscle training = Keep good body health.
  2. Good for nature = Taking the dead trees out.
  3. FREE!

They need to use more than 15 trees for winter time. This time we just got 1 huge tree and half. So we have collected the woods as much as we could, and again and again before the real winter is coming.

Preparing is one of the most important thing for stay alive in the nature of Alaska.



The trees have seeds on top with red color.


After bringing the a lot of woods back to the house from the river, we needed to cut again for making fire.

  • One is for the main woods as for sustain the fire(the left bigger one),
  • The other one is for kindling as for starter. (the right smaller one)

Andrew said;

“making woods make people warm for 3 times, first one is for cutting trees, 2nd cutting woods and finally when we make fire”.

The Strangers On The Roads


A wild car in the forest

I often see some uniq strangers(not human) on the way to going to get woods.

The car remembered me the film “Into The Wild”.

Why is the car in the forest??


A Grouse

When we see a grouse on the road, I felt “cute”,

but Andrew said “oh, tasty one,,, for dinner time”.

Then he stopped the car, and picked his gun up. (The bird was ran away so quick tho)

I felt “he has the different EYES”.

The things are looks different by each people, indeed.


Moose Foot Prints

Andrew’s job is a guid for hunting, he is the specialist of hunting. When we saw a bull moose very far away on the road we stopped the car, and we tried to chase it in the forest. He taught me how to get close to moose, such as read the foots prints.


Wild Hair

The left thin white longer one is moose hair, and the right fluffy shorter brown one is bear hair.  Witch means both of them have been walking around there..!


A Trap For Weasels

This is a trap for weasels. I don’t know why the trap is in the forest, but people often make a trap in their gardens, because they often eats live stocks (most of them are chickens and ducks). They are cute looks but vicious, and hunt bigger animals than their bodies. Also the far would be good far for human.

Birch Trees


On the way to going back to the house, I saw the beautiful white birch trees.

When I saw it, It’s mystery the memories of North of Japan trip was flash backed. There were my dad, an older brother and a younger sister for winter sports when we were small kids. After having fun of winter sports, we went to a pasta restaurant that is nearby a station. AND some of BIRCH WOODS were at the restaurant as interior. It was about 15 years ago. Time flies.

I was seeing the sights from the car window but I actually was seeing the warm shiny sights in my mind with a bit of emotional…

Who can expect that I am living in Forest in Alaska.

  Alaskan Wild Food / To Eat

For Eating we hunt

The big beautiful wooden house was made by Andrew & Tracyann. They started to have the project from cutting trees & woods.


There are hanged MOOSE meats that Andrew hunted in this summer for eating.

They get most of the foods from wild & their garden by their hands.


Meats are from hunting,

Fish are from a fishing camp,

Vegetables are from a garden. …etc

A huge part lib of a moose


The smell is very strong wild animals like. (stinky for most of all people)

A leg of a moose


I can imagine how big the animal was. It was bigger than a HORSE, and had a huge 2 cool horns on his head. The strong a lot of muscle was stuck in the whole body.

Cutting Moose Meats


Me and Tracyann brought the big heavy part of the meats into the house, and cut it to a lot of peaces. Some of peaces are for steaks, the other of them are for jars as preserve one, and the rest of the bones & sinews are for 9 dogs that they have.

No Waste

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