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Alaska WWOOF USA / Strong & Beautiful Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs

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Alaskan Husky Dog / Sled Dog


“Alaskan Husky Dog” is a dog which work for dog sled.

Each of them have different DNA from many kinds of dogs, which means they are not purebred dog spices. I can say “they are super athlete mixed dogs.”

They are designed & mixed by human for stay strong in hard working and great coldness.

This article will focus on “Alaskan Husky Dogs” and “other cute animals” are living with us.

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 icon-sun-o Alaskan Husky Dog

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  Alaskan Husky Dog

Dog Houses


This is the typical Alaskan Husky Dogs’ houses style.

Each of them have own house.


Alway needed to be clean for dogs.

I don’t know how many times I scoped poops for them.



A Musher = the person control & manage sled dog

There are some sled dogs race in Alaska. Some of the races is a musher & dog team need to run for a loooong distance, and spend 14 days with camping in the wild..!

To make a good relationship with dogs, A good musher loves his or her dogs as much as possible, and then dogs would respond the love to the musher.

Like As Human


The dogs are looks smaller and cuter than I expect, but very powerful.

They can keep run with pulling heavier things than their bodies for a long distance.


Each dogs have different character like as human have.

Some of them is very social and try to have fun with anybody.

Some of them is shy, and stay in calm most of all the time.


They are used be more fluffy & bigger body shape, but step by step they are smaller but more power athlete style.

They have 2 layers far, so very strong for coldness, which means they are designed to be able to be in great coldness.


Leader Dog

A leader dog is the most important key dog. He or she has to run in the front, and lead the team with listening a musher’s order carefully.

  • Let’s Go!: Go forward.
  • Gee!: Turn to the right.
  • Haw!: Turn to the left.
  • Easy: Slow down.
  • Whoa: Stop.

If the leader is not so good, the team is going to be not so good one too.


This white dog Lolly is the smart leader dog for the team, she leads the team in the front and listen to the musher order well.


Some dogs never be able to a leader, Only some dogs can be a leader.

It is the same as human too, some of them are good be leaders, but the other of them are good for assistants. Both of them are important, and whoever has the best work in different jobs.


A musher has to think and make the team in consideration of the each dogs character, and need to find the best team and line for good running.

THAT is the one of most joyful for being a musher, I believe.

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