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Alaska, America / WWOOF USA Wildlife Food Education (Own Wild Tour)

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Wildlife Art Photography / Alaska, America Trip


Moose Skull

I came to Alaska for 1 month and half ago.

Now I said “Good bye” with complicated deep emotion to Alaska about 3 weeks ago. I had Sadness, Anxiety, but was Excited for my next Adventure. Before leaving Alaska, the awesome host father Andrew took me to a Japanese restaurant in Fairbanks. I will remember him, this land, sight, air, experience, kindness, warmness and wildness when I eat Americanized Sushi for each time in my life.

In my opinion, the great thing of “Eating” is not only for being satisfied from hunger and feeling good taste, but we can remember the moment, atmosphere and memories when we eat the same food for each times in the future. Actually music, smell, photos, films too, they help us to remember the specific record into our brains.

Anyway, you will see “what I see” in Alaska.

Have fun!

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 icon-camera Alaskan Wildlife Artistic Photography

 icon-male Food Education in Wild Alaska

 icon-camera Alaskan Wildlife Artistic Photography / Fairbanks, Alaska, America Trip


Blur Blue Forest

A shot of forest through a small glass.

We are different.

The way to we see the things are totally different too.

WWOOF experience / Fairbanks, Alaska, America Trip


RED Meet & Bike

Outside of the house, there were always red moose meet and a kid’s bike.

Kids eat the meet, and ride the bike.


Grinding Moose Meet

The moose meet was grinned for sausage.

It was great taste with maple syrup.

SNOW WHITE winter is coming / Fairbanks, Alaska, America, Trip


Shorting Snow

The snow fell into the ground with beautiful clear crystal.






White Crystals 1


White Crystals 2


Raven’s Day Off

At a river nearby downtown in Fairbanks.

This river would be completely frozen soon or later until next June.

IMGP1363Hibernation Bike

At the same river, someone’s bike was in it.

Nobody can ride it until next June.

Ice Hockey Game/Alaskan Husky Team/Fairbanks, Alaska, America, Trip


Ice Hockey 1

One of the craziest sports I’ve ever seen.

They crashed each other in very high speed, then chase a small black stone for win.


Ice Hockey 2

They fight again and again.

The craziest part is not only for fighting, but the all breachers were cheering to own team very crazy way with vocalizing “F” word loud. Even females & kids did that too.

Halloween Costume / Party / in Fairbanks, Alaska, the USA


Trick OR Treat 1

On Halloween, we turned to be a candy hunter.

One is the character of Canadian music artist “Monster Cat”.


Trick OR Treat 2

Another one is a viking.

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