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Alaska / Tragedy Of Native People / Circle By Yukon River In Snow White World With Caribou

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Circle, Alaska / Frozen Air Adventure


To The Indian Village in Alaska.

I wanted to be in more wild, bit more north, to see how the people are living like there.

Tracyann who is my host mother in a farm gave me a chance to go to a more country side town “Circle”. I and Andrew who is my host father packed backpacks and headed to the town together, and stayed their friends house for a few days.

The uniq wild experience and dark side facts of native people in Circle are stuck in my head. I will never forget them all.

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-road On The Way To Circle, Alaska

 icon-gavel Yukon River In Snow White / Circle, Alaska

 icon-frown-o Dark Side Of Native (Indian) People’s Lives in Alaska

 icon-camera Encountered Tons Of Caribou 

  On The Way To Circle, Alaska
Drive In White World In Alaska Highway


It was 4 hours drive to the North with classic rock music SRV, our car was driving to a small town Circle. Only about 80 people have been living there, I was very curious how they live there, how their lives are going on.


When we across mountains, we saw a million of footprints of caribous. The mountain is well known as many caribou’s living place by local people. In the hunting season, people hunt them around here. We stopped our car, and tried to find some…

IMGP1618Andrew, looks sand people from Star-Wars!


Found a small shelter like.


Many messages on the wall told me a lot of travelers came here, and stayed for one night to stay alive.


Well, I could find only one of sand-people & a small shelter.

We cannot stay there more, we moved to forward again.

  Yukon River In Snow White / Circle, Alaska

Yukon River Trip/ Circle, Alaska


The town “Circle” is just nearby Yukon River, so we came here.


The river was half frozen.

The high blue sky & bright strong sunlight made the sight looks very fancy.


Native People (Indian) Life Style / Circle, Alaska


The people usually go to Fairbanks to get enough food & water by 3, 4 hours driving once in a month. There are no such things that we usually have; such as water pipe(shower, tap) & the internet. (They basically don’t take shower.) They cut trees and wood, and burn it to make fire = warm. A washroom is outhouse one just for poop. For pee, they do into the forest.


The people have wild job; such as trapping, hunting and fishing. But sadly the other most of native people have no jobs and just drink in their homes, because the government can give them money enough to live.


There is a school, but often is closed, so most of them do home-school.

Wild Trapping For Animal Fur / Circle, Alaska


The other day, we went into wild to make traps for catching small animals.

The owner’s (of the house where I’ve stayed) job is a trapper who makes traps to catch animals for meat and fur.


We rode snow machines on very bumping long narrow snow roads.

Because it was too bumping, then I guess we fell down more than 30 times on pretty soft snow ground.

It was absolutely hard & crazy to do it, but we keep working it.