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Alaska Fairbanks / Great Aurora Photo Spot / Ester Dorm & Murphys Dome

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Night Drive For Aurora Adventures


Alaska / Fairbanks/ Aurora Tour

In Fairbanks, Peter who went to Denali National Park with me and other travelers gave me a lift to some places to see Aurora.

The sky was clear, and the temperature was cold enough to make me shivering.

We’ve waited for the night, with wondering how it will be like in the dark night.

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 icon-beer HooDoo Brewing Company / Beer

 icon-rocket Ester Dome / Fairbanks Aurora Place

 icon-star-o Murphys Dome / Fairbanks Aurora Place

  Next Day / Alaskan Wild Life Style

  HooDoo Brewing Company / Beer


Before the night, the company that went to Denali National Park together went a brewing in Fairbanks, it was called “HooDoo Brewing”.

On the day, 2 of us were leaving soon.

We cheered the glasses of tasty beer in the cold air. Thank you guys!

I got a cool travelers' company to go to Denali National Park. Mountains, Moose, Sunset, Snow...etc. Everything was shiny & beautiful in such as the wild world.



Elk Hotdog


There was a small hotdog shop outside. The menu was very uniq and Alaskan like; I could choose from Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Caribou & Beef&Pork.

I chose Elk one, because I’ve met elks in Jasper in Rocky Mountain area just a 1 week ago, and I felt familiar and wondered how the taste like…

And the taste was almost beef like,, but something smell was more wild. I liked it!

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  Ester Dome / Fairbanks Aurora Place


Alaska / Aurora / forecast said It’s time to go.

When the night has came, Peter, me and new other 3 travelers started to have Night Drive to 2 places that is famous for aurora as local information.

Step by step, the city lights were further as the car is forwarding, and leaving from center of Fairbanks.

We first arrived at a place is called “Ester Dome”.


Really cold air and dark outside, but the coldness & darkness helped us to see aurora clearly in the sky.

The huge green lights were waiving, disappearing & appearing.


Even only the stars are great to see too.

Feel like I was in a space station, with the objects and full of stars.



A Man In Northern Lights (Peter)

 icon-map-marker How To Get There?
Ester Drom / Fairbanks, Alaska Aurora Place / MAP

After for a while, we headed to the other place “Murphys Dome” with wishing to see better one as greedy.

  Murphys Dome / Fairbanks Aurora Place


When we were arrived the place “Murphys Dome”, The lights were appeared already, and they were getting Stronger and Brighter. 


Star Wars like…


Me haha


Human Red Light, and Northern Green Lights.


When it is weaker the stars are emphasis stressed.


Actually the cameras can capturer the lights well than human eyes.

It was bright & green, we could see beautifully the nature dancing in the sky, but not clear as the photos.