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Alaska Denali National Park Hiking Mountains & Moose

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Denali National Park


Denali National Park Driving

Travelers and travelers meet each other for some reason, mysterious way, like it was a planed. I’ve met Lucas who comes from Germany, and Hayden who comes from Texas, America. We got a company for Denali National Park trip. Surprisedly & luckily the host of couch-surfing, Nen’s friend borrowed us his car.

We headed to the place that all travelers who come to Alaska go, Denali National Park together.

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  Nature View Photography In Denali National Park


Denali National Park Tours

Hayden was the youngest one 18 years old, but he was a driver for the trip, and well known about Denali National Park for all of us. The car was keep moving to the place with surrounded his favorite music, “Country music” all the time.



The park was closed as officially, then no public bus, no sightseeing places & no opened shops. But people still can go into the park by their cars until some miles.




In the frozen air, the opened sight was spread out to the far away mountains.



We just kept to drive until the end of the road.


Where we ended up for driving, the ground was covered up by snow & frost.




Colorful people.


  Moose / Wild Animal Photos / Denali National Park

We really wanted to see some wild animals, such as bears, moose, caribous and wolfs. But we still could not see them yet.

When we almost give up to see some of them, we found a few cars that are stopped at one place on the road. People were staring at one point at an over mountain using binoculars and cameras with keeping quiet.