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A Long Road Trip From Montreal To Alaska

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Im in Quebec City, alone but with 1 big backpack, 1 small backpack and 1 small shoulder bag. It will be a looong way to Alaska from here. Im not sure it is possible or not. I will see it. I will stay alive. #travel #trip #journey #roadtrip #backpack #back

Hello, everyone, I’m Kota. 🙂
For people who don’t know me, nice to meet you.
For people who know me, Yo!
This web site is my journey photograph record. I will show you "what I see". I will write about the each travels, feeling, and epiphanies. I hope you will have fun for being in my photo world.

I came to Canada from Japan 2 months and some weeks ago.
The reasons why I came here are;
The Beginning Of New Life! I Quit Work!
If You Choose A, You Cannot Choose B. No Matter Other People Say, In The End You Choose.
Working Holiday In Canada!
Working Holiday visa can make us be able to stay in other country for a long term, also it will be cheaper than just going to travel and study abroad, because we can...ツ

 icon-list-ul Contents
 icon-male What I Have Done So Far
 icon-key A Long Road Journey

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 icon-male What I Have Done So Far

For the 1st month,

What I had done in Canada so far are,,,
Home-staying in North Vancouver, and it was a bit hard time tho…
 icon-globe I could create this website “” from 0 !
 icon-rocket I visited places around Vancouver city.
Packing Timelaps / What Things Did I Bring Into My Journey?
This is the list what things I brought and also suggestion list to bring to working holiday, travel or journey! I really recommend you to bring something that "Makes You Cheer Up".
How To? / Immigration As Working Holiday Visa Into Canada / Airport
I will write this page about how I did immigrate successfully as working holiday into Canada.
Deep Cove Hike in Vancouver Canada / The Best Relaxing Time With Ocean & Forest Trails.
You can take your book, some good food and coffee out, and have a break on glass like a picnic just nearby the ocean and forest. It will be awesome chilling!
Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver / Hike / A Suspension Bridge, Waterfalls, a River & Rice Lake.
I will mention about How to go to "Lynn Canyon Park" and what you can see and do! Great hiking, swimming and relaxing. The best thing is everything is FREE! no cost.
Amazing Sight! Grouse Mountain in Vancouver / Hike, Shuttle Bus, Restaurant, Hours, Whether & Bears
The sight is really amazing from the top of Grouse Mountain. I mention about everything with beautiful photos you need for Grouse Mountain such as the cost, skyride, hiking, shuttle bus, hours, whether, bears and so on.
Friday Night Artist Market / Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, BC, Canada / (Ferry information)
There is held "Artist Market" at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC, Canada every summer Friday Night. (TIME: 5PM - 10PM DATE: May 6 - September 30 (2016)) Just one ferry from downtown. Nice to visit to see the so many art stuffs and local food.
Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC - Peaceful Nature (Bike Rental, Animals, MAP, Hours)
Stanley Park in Vancouver is such a nice place to be. People walk, ride a rental bike, run, and just relaxing. There are many things to see such as totem poles, events, tours, shops, restaurants, an aquarium, animals and more. You may can have image of the park through this article. (map & hours)
MOA Museum Of Anthropology in Vancouver - Totem Poles
The museum is the best museum to know indian stuffs in Vancouver. This is one of the MUST place to visit if you go to Vancouver.
Vietnamese Tasty Restaurant in Vancouver - Au Petit Cafe
Any of the foods are highly tasty, because of many competitors. So it would be nice time if you go to any restaurants in Vancouver. BUT I have a big recommendation one restaurant to go and eat!
Gastown in Vancouver - The Place Of Origin
Gastown, Vacouver, BC  icon-camera The place of origin for Vancou...ツ
Water Front in Vancouver - The Center Of Vancouver
There is a sea bus as a public transportation between the lands. Water Front is kind of a center of Vancouver, and every transportation is gathered there.

For the 2nd months

I moved to Gabriola Island, and I had done;
WWOOF (farm-stay), I had experienced 2 farms. It was a great time with nature & new things to do.

 icon-pagelines Deep Roots Farm
Farm Stay "Deep Roots Farm" - WWOOF in Gabriola Island, Canada
Sometimes it was very tough, BUT in the end I really felt I was right to be there. I got the great experiences & memories that are part of my life. The place was the first place what I felt like "home".

 icon-twitter Hummingbird B&B (Farm)
Hummingbird B&B farm stay (WWOOF) - Gabriola Island
It is a pretty B&B in Gabriola Island, also they accept people who come all around the world as farm stay (WWOOF). I've stayed at Hummingbird B&B as farm stay (WWOOF) for 1 week.

Malaspina Galleries in Gabriola Island - Part of Vancouver Island
 icon-check Malaspina Galleries Hello! :D I moved to "Gabriola...ツ
ELDER CEDAR NATURE RESERVE in Gabriola Island, Canada - sightseeing
You can walk into the forest that has many elder tall cedar trees.They looks so gorgeous green. And this place was originally native indians were live in, because there is fresh water and close to ocean.
How To Travel Cheaply Around The World? Farm Stay - WWOOF in Canada
WWOOF is a "great win-win system" for people who travel around the world, and farmers around the world.
Sunset + Ocean + Beach - Berry Point Beach in Gabriola Island, Canada
Berry Point Beach You can see amazing ocean with sunset there. The color is like a magic, so beautiful. I was just staring the horizon for a while..
Farmers & Artists Market on Saturday - Gabriola Island, Canada
You will see & buy many fresh vegetables and arts stuffs. The foods are really good, and arts are very cool. If you have a chance to be in Gabriola Island, you should be there and have good time. :)
Nanaimo short trip, arty shots- Vancouver Island
A photographer (doesn't matter professional or amateur ) can have fun anywhere & anyplace, if he or she has just one camera, because anything & any sight can be arty & beauty shots.
Victoria short trip - Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Old city make people feel like in old British... This city is very historical, if you like history stuff, you will love it.
Gabriola Island short trip - some arty photos, sightseeing, stores, shops
some photos that I took for my photo records. some stores & food information for someone. Beautiful nature, cozy & peaceful place, nice people. The island was the first place what I felt "this is home".

 icon-key A Long Road Trip
Pokemon Go with the hosts of "couch surfing" in Quebec City in the first night! Awesome nice people & pokemons :) (left one is me) #trip #travel #journey #photo #photographer #photography #canada #quebec #streetphotography #night #roadtrip #couchsurfing #With the awesome hosts of couch surfing in Quebec City in the night.

AND one day I felt like
I wanna try to have a long road trip..!

And I choose the way to Alaska from Montreal. 
The reason why is,,,

I wanna go to Alaska.

One day, when I woke up, suddenly I felt Alaska is the place where I wanna go.
…but why from Montreal??
Because it’s more far, and more fun.
So, my goal is Alaska by road trip, but the real goal is having fun & experiences that I’ve never have before on the way to Alaska, and try new things, meet new people as much as I can, and I will see beyond what’s in front of me.

Well,,, after I’m arrived in Alaska, I still don’t have plans yet.
I just try to go North & East.
I will stay alive,I follow my heart, and try to be there.
I will try to keep updating this website as possible as I can on the way…
I will see it.

I just try it !
I just do it !!

You can follow my SNS, then you can realize the updates if this website if you want. 🙂
Click the icons of the SNS below!
If you do it, I will be happy indeed.
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