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Farm Stay “Deep Roots Farm” – WWOOF in Gabriola Island, Canada

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I’ve been in Gabriola Island, and doing farm stay at a farm for about 3 weeks or so.

I was doing “farm stay” at a farm in “Gabriola Island”.


  • Farm Stay ? – WWOOF ?
  • Deep Roots Farm
  • Work Time
  • What I Do As Work
  • How To Find “Deep Roots Farm”?
  • How To Get Be There?

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  Farm Stay ?- WWOOF ?


There is A win – win great system for travelers and farms around the world, what allow travelers go travel cheaply.

  • A Traveler can be a volunteer for a farm, and get free accommodations & food (and wifi).
  • A Farm can get a cheep worker as a volunteer from around the world.

The more info;

WWOOF is a "great win-win system" for people who travel around the world, and farmers around the world.

  Deep Roots Farm

The farm where I was staying is called “Deep Roots Farm”.

It is placed almost middle in this island “Gabriola Island”. (on the hills)

The People, Environment & Foods are very nice.

The Farmer Owner

IMGP5146 copy copy

Will & Jenn 

They are cool, kind, friendly young & they have good skills for farms, carpenters, horses and more! (they are married on 30th July 2016, btw!)



  • The training officer for the fire department & a cabinets craft.



  • A paramedic, a firefighter, a horse teacher & keeper.


All of them are lovely. There are 2 horses, 24 chickens, and 2 dogs.

  • 2 horses ( one is pet, the other is customer’s pet – it is one of their business to keep someone’s horses)


Levi (pet one)


Crazby (the customer’s pet one)


Both of them are very gentle, I patted them like everyday.IMGP4832

24 chickens (for eggs)


A Coop (chicken’s apartment)



2 dogs (as pets)

Mori – friendly, loves people & very dogs like.


Choya – funny, cute, & loves foods.


The House


  • This big & cozy house was built by the farmer Will! (He has amazing skills as a carpenter…!) This house would be your living room too.


The Accommodation

There are a few kinds of accommodations.


  • I mostly stayed at this trailer. It was cozy, indeed. In the morning, some squeals woke me up by their chatting & dancing on the roof. If you get this, you are lucky.

IMG_0395 copy

  • There is a tent too. You might use the tent as your accommodation. In inside is big enough for 1 person with bags.

The Garden


Also they grow many kinds of vegetables up for eating and some of them are for selling. such as garlics, carrots, beets, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, broccolis, kales, green beens,,, etc

They are very fresh & tasty. You’re gonna eat them like in every day. I didn’t like to eat tomatoes, but I can eat the tomatoes from the garden!


The vegetables are extremely fresh, just before cooking, we harvest them from the garden. And it is always taste good.

Will & Jenn like to bring their friends and put together, so it will be a good opportunity to meet new people.


We got big crabs from ocean by ourselves when we went to fishing, and ate them.

It was taste great…!



You might will meet the other WWOOFER from other countries.

At the time, there was an American guy, and his name is “Will”. Yes, his name is also Will. haha Cool, Kind & Funny Man!


ELDER CEDAR NATURE RESERVE in Gabriola Island, Canada - sightseeing
You can walk into the forest that has many elder tall cedar trees.They looks so gorgeous green. And this place was originally native indians were live in, because there is fresh water and close to ocean.

After Work

Will & Jenn like to do activities, so they sometimes brought us to beaches to see sunset and for swimming. They were like “Let’s go to a beach to see sunset!”, “We gonna beach! Bring your swim-suit.”, “Let’s have ice-cream~”, “On the next weekend, we gonna sailing. Take you camera!”…etc



Sunset + Ocean + Beach - Berry Point Beach in Gabriola Island, Canada
Berry Point Beach You can see amazing ocean with sunset there. The color is like a magic, so beautiful. I was just staring the horizon for a while..

Malaspina Galleries in Gabriola Island - Part of Vancouver Island
 icon-check Malaspina Galleries Hello! :D I moved to "Gabriola...ツ

In The Night

You will see the full of stars sky! Check it out by your eyes.




When full moon is there, it will be the king for the sky.



  Work Time

  • The Dates;
    • Tuesday – Sunday (6 days in a week)
  • In A Day; (expected)
    • 5 – 6 hours in a day. (it depends on the projects running) 

I think I work much & hard,,, because I wanted to have many experiences AND the farmers were busy to do a lot of kinds of works (not only farms works). Only Monday was my day off! on the day off, I do whatever I like to do, like sightseeing, shopping, just going out by bike, taking photos, and so on.

  What I Did As Work


There are many kinds of works!

  • Clean Up & Peering Garlics
  • Weeding In Gardens
  • Planting Vegetables’ Seeds
  • Tying Up Tomatoes To Sticks
  • Harvesting Vegetables
  • Supporting Constructing Houses
  • Taking Care Of Animals(Horses, Dogs, & Chickens)
  • Cleaning Barn & Coops
  • Collect & Clean Eggs
  • Painting
  • Supporting For Preparing Wedding
  • Going To Farmers Markets For Selling Their Products
  • Washing Dishes
  • etc…

Clean Up & Peering Garlics

I think I am the quickest person for cleaning garlics. haha


Gardening Works

Planting, weeding, and harvesting.



Carpenter Works

Supporting building a barn for horses and people.


Taking Care Of Animals

Horses, Chickens, & Dogs

Feeding, Cleaning their houses, and so on.





About Works

  • Almost all of the works are I had never have the experiences before. They were bit harder than I expect to do the farm works, but I believe that the experiences will be worth for my life. I appreciate every food more than before now. And I believe growing foods up experiences (for eating & surviving) are great works for human nature. In my opinion, all of people should have the experiences in their life once. I really thank you “Deep Roots Farm”, I worked a lot, leant a lot, had experiences a lot.

About Staying

  • Sometimes it was very tough, BUT in the end I really felt I was right to be there. I got the great experiences & memories that are part of my life. The place was the first place what I felt like “home”… and I liked the animals a lot. I wish I could have them with my travels. haha


  • This place would be suit for you, if you suit some of the lines on the list below;
    • Wanna have a lot of experiences.
    • Like to work.
    • Like to do carpenter works.
    • Wanna have an island life.
    • Wanna have some activities with farmers.
    • Okay to stay in a tent as an accommodation.
    • Okay for living with animals.
  • Work hard & Play hard? The farmers are busy to do a lot of kinds of works, and they have jobs (that are not only farm works), and need to save money, so you will need to work hard, and you will need to work longer sometimes… But also the farmer loves to have some activities (like sailing, fishing & etc). I expect that after work, they will take sometimes you for cool activities!
  • You need to tell them what you want to do, what you feel (good or bad) about anything. If you do not say what you think to do anything, you will get stress step by step(as common sense.) If you feel bad or sick about something (like works, accommodations and more), just vocalize what you feel from your mouth before the stress are getting very big one. And for sure, the farmer would listen to you, and they will make some solutions for you. 
  • The water is NOT unlimited. You really need to be careful about using water here. (A few times the water has stooped.)
  • AND Have fun your stay!

How To Find “Deep Roots Farm”?

This is the URL of their page on “WWOOF in Canada.”

 icon-map-marker How To Get Be There?
Center map

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