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Water Front in Vancouver – The Center Of Vancouver

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Water Front
For the photo, on the near side is Vancouver downtown Water Front, and the back side land is North Vancouver, Lonsdale Quey”.
Friday Night Artist Market / Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, BC, Canada / (Ferry information)
There is held "Artist Market" at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC, Canada every summer Friday Night. (TIME: 5PM - 10PM DATE: May 6 - September 30 (2016)) Just one ferry from downtown. Nice to visit to see the so many art stuffs and local food.
. There is a sea bus as a public transportation between the lands. (one way is just $2.75) It is nice to take the sea bus in the night, because of the night lights.
Water Front is kind of a center of Vancouver, and every transportation is gathered there. If you will do sightseeing in Vancouver, you will definitely need to be there to use transportations.


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Look Out


The back side tall round building is called “lookout”.

You can go up to the top, and can see around Vancouver city. It is near from Water Front Station, so you can go there by your feet. I didn’t go up to the top, because I didn’t have enough money with me at the time. haha But should be nice to go up to the top.

The ticket cost $16.25 for adults.

For More info:
Place Info
Center map

Canada Place


In inside, there are some attractions to have fun. “FlyOver Canada” is 4D cinema, and it is the most popular one. You can have an experience that you have never have one before. I knew that there is fantastic 4D cinema “FlyOver Canada” untill I write this article. haha I really wanna go there when I go to Vancouver for next time..!

The cost is $20 for adults.

For More Info:
Canada Place →
FlyOver Canada →
Place Info
Center map

A seaplane

The seaplanes fly between Vancouver island and Vancouver as a transportation.

Place Info
The same as Canada Place.

Somewhere Streets
Everywhere can be a good photos, so it would be nice and fun if you just walk around without any plans.
Sun lights are strong, so I recommend you bring your sunglasses with you all the time. The weather is changed easily, like sunny → cloudy → rainy → cloudy → sunny. You might need to use them outside when it is suunyyyyy.
I bought iPhone SE (Sim Free) here!
Japanese Cameras are winner!

By the way,,,

I realized that DOGS are everywhere even in shops and stores! They are treated like human. Just like one of the family. And they are very gently and quite. I sometimes pat them.
The Dog with yellow jacket “I’ve been here for a long time, oh man..!”
A pug on man’s back! like a human baby.

How Get To Be There?
※Click the pin on the map / 2. Click “Directions to”
Then google map will tell you how you can go there.
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