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Amazing Sight! Grouse Mountain in Vancouver / Hike, Shuttle Bus, Restaurant, Hours, Whether & Bears

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 icon-picture-o Grouse Mountain Hike / North Vancouver, BC, Canada


It is a 1231m mountain which is in North Vancouver (near from the down town). In the winter, people have fun there for winter sports, and in the summer people have fun there for hiking. The sight from the top was the best amazing sight in Vancouver since I’v been here so far now. 😀 I recommend you go there around 4 & 5 pm, because at the time is bright, and you also can see sunset. The sunset was just EPIC.

 icon-list-ul Contents

  • How To Be On The Top?
  • Trail Photos
  • Price & Hours
  • Special Food Info
  • How To Get There? Shutle Bus

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 icon-check How To Be On The Top? / Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC


There are 2 ways to be on the top plateau from the bottom.

1. Using A Skyride /Ticket Info / Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

COST:  $43.95 (go & down)
You can get the ticket from the official website or a reception.

Easier, Faster, & You can see the outside sight from the windows.
It costs.

2. Hiking / Trail /  Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

COST:  $10 (go & down)
Only green season is available. To go up is free, but for going down we need to use a “Skyride”, and it costs $10. (going down by walk is forbidden) Usually, people spend 1 hour & 30 mins. Please, bring water!

A great sense of achievement, Good exercise, a Good experience & Cheaper.

hard to achieve to the top

I chosen “hiking” ! because of the above “GOOD POINTS”!

 icon-camera-retro Trail Photos/ Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC
It was a challenging one for me. Sooo many steps for 1hour&half! But in the end, I felt I chosen totally a great way..!
This is the entrance. It is just nearby a park that is for a Skyride terminal.
You will see a signal soon, after you enter the gate, and you need to follow the way to “Grouse Grind”.

There were so many stepsssss.



When I saw the signal saying “1/4 MARK”, I was like “Oh no!! man! noo! still 1/4!?? NO! Please! No more steps!” haha, and I took a rest. When I was taking a rest, it was funny to see that some people had the similar reactions as mine. haha


When you see the signal “3/4 MARK”, you are almost there.
Everyone was sweat and tired and they breath like people do running, and when they looked each other, they couldn’t say “Hi” or “Hello”, but instead of that they smile and laugh. I knew what they meant, it was like “It’s very heavy! hey! Oh man! haha”.
Finally, achieved to be on the top!
The sense of achievement was great!
The sight was amazing! 

Restaurant / Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC
There are some cafes and restaurants from cheap one to high class one.
If you need an energy, just charge it!
Eating and Drinking at a place that you can see the outside sight, should be your great moment in your life. I just drunk a cup of hot chocolate, it was just so good.
I think I will never forget the great taste and the moment.

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