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Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver / Hike / A Suspension Bridge, Waterfalls, a River & Rice Lake.

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Hike at Lynn Canyon Park / North Vancouver, BC, Canada


It is in Lynn Canyon Park, Lynn Creek area.

It is not so famous, and not so many tourists. Many local people love to be there for relaxing or exercising, because there are trails, a river, lakes, forests and one cool & thrilling bridge. The whole park in in wild.

AND it is FREE to enter the park!

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 icon-male Forest Trail 

 icon-leaf Forest Trails & Rice Lake

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  icon-camera-retro Trail Photos / Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC

Suspension Bridge / Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC

In North Vancouver, there is one famous suspension bridge that is called

“Capilano Suspension Bridge” would be cost like $40(CAD) now.

Yes sounds expensive. Should be nice to visit there too, I don’t want to go there.


Lynn Canyon Park would be cost Nothing

This is totally FREE!!

Who doesn’t like FREE. It is not so famous, but the bridge is very cool, wildness and thrilling.


Looking down from center of the bridge. (Be careful! when you look down)

IMGP3601 (1)

It looks the power of water is strong tho,, Canadian salmons go and swim to the top of mountains for spawning in the river.



 “The Lynn Canyon Cafe” / Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC

Just nearby the bridge, there is a cafe at the park.
You can have a break there with coffee.


 icon-male Park Forest Trail / Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC

Trails are beside a river, so you will walk in forests just the riversides.

The trails are not so hard, some local old people were walking there too. If you want to walk and see whole trails, you will spend about 2 hours, I guess.


A mystery tree. The size of hole is one adult person can get into it.



Swimming in the river/ Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC


The water is very cold and clean.

Local people swim in the river in the summer time.

In the great nature, and swimming in the cold water, sounds so awesome.

Death by jumping off…/Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, BC


It’s prohibit things to do, but some people do jump into the rivers from rocks.

Looks very excited & fun really, but actually in every summer time some people dead here because of jumping off and hit their bodies to rocks hardly.


The steps were bit too many for me.


A mystery tree part 2 !


One part of old water piping system was in the forest. The people who pioneer for this area had used them long time ago. Kind of a history footprint.



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